A lot of things in life depend on how we look...

Imagine if we all looked the same?


...These lyrics just came to me. How depressing 😧

I need to be a different man
I'm sick and tired of me
I can't seem to find another plan
I'm sinking down the hole 😭
Everytime I come here...
I ask myself "why do I come here?" 😵

Does this mean, I still have hope?
.......There is always hope...... I hope 😁

Let me find something from the internet to share....
to say I was no fear....and steer...the steering the clear....this flaming spear 😜😂

Yeah...sharing is better....

They are both relatable...

Sometimes things happen for a reason, and sometimes they don't....
...There is no restart.
"OFFLINE" the new word for panic!
The first meaningful comment I get from abroad. Thank you LeTang...
...When I first got the email from YouTube that my channel has a "new comment", I assumed it was from my Arabic channel "Scoop".... Music Theory is a dead zone 😂😭
I opened the email and started reading. Only after I read the comment did I realize that this is actually for Music Theory 😵
I was feeling ecstatic. I was over the sky. It was an amazing feeling. In those brief moments, while I was reading this comment...this rush that came over, reminded me why it's worth it...
If I can affect someone...even 0.0000000001. That is amazing.
That is why I try. That is why I cry 😪
"Prom Gum" was supposed to be my last attempt, but look at me at it again...developing four songs at the same time 😱
Maybe none will come out...hopefully they come out...preying they be heard 😆

It's so dull...I'm not gonna write...

Picture Galore ahead (In no particular order ):

The End

"Sometimes dull is good"