When was the last time I was here? 274 years ago...
Next time I'll probably be in my fifties...I think I'll just fizzle and disappear

Here is something I want to say to my kids:

"Don't be scared of anything or anyone. You're the smartest, most beautiful, most wonderful girls in the world. If someone is rude to you. Say "you're rude" and leave. Always be kind and honest, and never treat anybody bad. If someone treats you bad or puts you down, say what you feel and don't settle for second best. Always say what you feel, honestly and politely. You have the biggest hearts in this whole universe. You are the best".

I hope I had the talent of writing eloquently.....I wish I could tell what I actually feel...I wish I can raise them to be brave, strong, kind and honest. I wish I don't hurt them in anyway. I want them to always be happy and wish God keeps them safe.

Raising kids is not easy ðŸ˜ą

What's going on? Really..... What's going on?…
I was really happy until I took the first scoop of popcorn...It was mushy.... I didn’t expect that.
But I should’ve.. this is Egypt after all.
I’m going to Avengers Infinity war... It is an event...How long have I waited.. How many years has it been?  Mostly the celebration is for being well.  And living thru that period safe
Every time I throw a popcorn in my mouth.. I’m reminded of how bad it is.
What should I do? Should i tell the people.. I will just feel embarrassed and don’t want be rude. Should I buy another one.. No. it might be exactly like this one 😂
I'm gonna take whatever I have and I will enjoy the movie...
See you after.. or in a few days
Oo..ooh... the previous showing just came out and they’re talking about the movie.. I’m trying not to pickup any spoilers ðŸ˜ą
Wow.. they’re gone. Suddenly there was a wave of humans that flooded the emptiness around me.. it was like a rush hour...too much talking and smoking... it was like thunder.. which was good.. all spoilers we…
....So I just celebrated passing my first kidney stone last week. It was a hell of a week....That is something I don't want to go through again ðŸ˜ą
During that decorated week and incredible pain, all I can think of was life and death....Its a given 😏 The Extreme fear I felt, mingled with the nausea I already had, showed me how weak I am....I can go any second. This sucks..... We seem to forget that.
I kept thinking, I've done nothing....I'm nothing. And now I'm going to hell 😭 It's crazy how when you think you have no time, you wish you had more time to do things better.... For God and for the people you love.... The moment your slightly better, your back to your usual self....No Good 😎
Kidney stones run in the family....I think we can be rich, if they ever become a commodity 😝 My father has it, my uncles have it. I just reached kidney stone puberty @ 45 years
During that week I also thought about people with cancer; people with chronic diseases.... I really fe…
.....So I’m working on the video for Chasing Unicorns
I did about 15 seconds ðŸĪŠ I don’t know if it’s gonna come out good or not yet... I’m just putting everything and don’t know if I can keep up this work or if it’s even possible to finish in a reasonable time.
Yesterday, aftereffects wasn’t performing well and I have a feeling it’s gonna be harder the more I put in 😭
I finished the cover for the song yesterday. I did nothing actually.. I used great a clip art I found on the net 😊 I was gonna commission the cover to a great artist, but when I decided to make the video myself... I decided that it’s better to just do a decent cover and move on 
The mystery song I’m working on is inspired by 80’s John Hughes movies and high school movies in general... “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “She’s All That” and “10 Things I Hate About You” come to mind
The song is almost finished but yet I feel it’s still a long way ðŸĪ”

Oh where..oh where..
So I’m trying this app that lets me write the blog from my phone. It’s crazy I didn’t find a google app for its blogger website...

I’m testing the video for Chasing Unicorns. I don’t know how it’s gonna come out or how I’m gonna do it.
I’ve decided which mastered version I will use. I’m not in a hurry to release it since the video is still a long way. I’m planning an April release. I hope I can hit that date.
I’ll probably upload the song on the music stores but won’t do any marketing until the video is done.
My new song is half way through and as always I’m not confident and scared... I hope I can get something nice.. This new song is also produced by another producer and I have more direct hands on it. I hope that was a good decision 😎
I realized that the app I'm using wouldn't let me publish until I pay. Off course I didn't 😝
I have to publish from the desktop....I can wait...
I want to thank the people who created the app for allowing me to write and save drafts for …
I came back after 23 years. I can't remember what I wrote before. Time surely flies by.

Why did I come, you ask ?

I think am close to releasing my next song. Just seven more years. 😂

This place has surely changed over this past century. I've seen people come and go... I just read the first prosthetic arm controlled by the brain is in its test phase...Wow, bionic people are just around the corner and I can't even release a song ðŸ˜ą

Chasing Unicorns is done. Mastered and done.

Now, I'm confused which Master should I release 😋
There is so many layers to this..its like a big onion. Every choice I make is gonna affect the outcome, and the odds are not by my side. Sometimes I think I'm lazy. Sometimes, I just feel that I'm just pushing the inevitable. When things are happening, I can dream. When they're done, its just disappointment.

Since I finished mixing in September, I was developing the video, but apparently I'm gonna scrap this idea now.

This sucks 😭

Back to life. Back to reality...

Still alive and kicking...Still dreaming....still having my doubts....still didn't finish the song 😂

But almost...In the mixing stage !!

Won't write much today. I wrote a lot the past few weeks... but apparently I was writing in another alternate dimension because there is nothing here...

Saw the trailer for Ready Player One and was blown away...I hope the film has substance and not just dazzle. I have high hopes because its Steven Spielberg after all...

So don't go nowhere...stay here...wait for me.....and I will set you free 😋